Generation to: Generation

new handicapped sidewalk and entrance

Generation to Generation Capital Campaign was started to address the vital and urgent repairs and upgrades needed to the Larned United Methodist Church.  Projects ranged from gutters and  plumbing repairs to replacing the church sign that was falling down.  Pledges and gifts toward our goal of $500,000 are being received from May 2016-April 2019.

The attachment share the specific projects and the Dream of the team who worked so hard to take care of the church for future generations:


new sign



New floor

case list with pictures case statement Larned

As of February 2018 we have received $300,000 of the $435,000 pledged, and with those funds we have been working diligently to complete all of the projects on our list.  With the continued commitment of those who have made pledges and the faithful work of the trustees and volunteers throughout the church we are getting close to finishing all of the projects we set out to do.